Stride Sticks



My name is Carl Dean, I'm a physical therapist who has treated patients for over the last 10 years and have been in the medical field for more than 26 years. I have experience in working with pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, and multiple hospital settings. I currently own a rehabilitation company that is a contract company for outpatient physical therapy, home health physical therapy, and public school physical therapy.

I invented Stride Sticks, developed the program, and patented the method and apparatus needed to achieve the highest level of activity for you, your family, and everyone around you. This is a new way to see how to increase your stride, mobility, and stamina for exercising, running, and walking. It’s time to change the way we see ourselves and each other.  “Change your brain, then change your body.”  What this means is our strides for walking and running are getting smaller not just because of age, but because of a sensorimotor deficit in all of us.  Stride Sticks SMART is a program that engages the sensory and motor cortices of the brain, resulting in an increase in your stride and mobility. This is why we've started the Mountains to Sea Walking and Running Center, to address this neurological deficit for exercise in all of us.

Stride Sticks are the exercise device designed and patented to be used in conjunction with the exercise training program called SMART (Sensory Motor Awareness Re-integration Training.) Together they utilize specific areas of the brain to re-establish stride and mobility. For runners they can help make you faster, for walkers they can help with stability, and for everyone increase your quality of life. Stride Sticks help to reduce the risk of common running and walking injuries.

For runners, the Stridesticks SMART have the ability to decrease your running time from the first time they are used.  They help to decrease the chances of the 5 most common running injuries: plantar fascitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, knee pain, and IT Band syndrome. I teach you how to interpret your stride and how your brain interprets where/who you are depending on the level of surface and terrain.

For walkers, it can help increase your stride, balance, and mobility.  Pressure on the hips, knees, and ankles can help to be reduced.  Stride Sticks help to create increased upper extremity movement, thereby increasing overall body movement and caloric burning for exercising.

I have learned a lot throughout the last few years, including how to develop and engage the sensorimotor system.  Stride Sticks are nothing more than a bridge that links the sensory and motor systems of the cerebral cortex. As crazy as it sounds, so many of my running clients have said they “felt it.”  Well, that’s how it started - I “felt it” and one year later my program Stridesticks SMART (Sensory Motor Awareness Re-integration Training) has helped and changed the lives of numerous individuals. Many programs talk about decreasing your run time over months, I can do it immediately. We as human beings are all affected from the time we are born to the time we die.  Take some time to visit our site and learn how to engage and enhance your natural abilities by tapping into your own sensorimotor system!

I love my Stride Sticks. They are an integral part of my workout plan.

Glenda Glenn

Took off 20 seconds off my average mile time for my 2.5mile run. Even my recovery pace was faster by 30 seconds. I cut about a minute off my time overall!

Crystal Kelly, Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA)

I took 4 and a half minutes off my 5K time... in one week!

Adrienne Goodfred, Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)

I don't go out without them, I absolutely love walking with them, it helps with my low back and hip pain.

Glynda Dean